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When you order this item, you receive a sturdy clear plastic container with eight individual compartments filled with separate brewing grains. You'll also be given access to an online Powerpoint lecture led by Cicerone Founder Ray Daniels that guides you through an explanation of the eight grains and how their flavors are produced. As you watch and listen, you will be directed to taste each malt while you learn how it is produced and how it differs from the other malts.

Each malt box contains approximately two teaspoons of each brewing grain--enough for many repeat tastings. The grains include the following types: Pilsner malt, pale ale malt, Munich malt, wheat malt, toasted malt, crystal malt, black malt, and roast barley.

This product is recommended for those preparing for the Certified Cicerone® exam and specifically for those working on Road to Cicerone® units covering beer styles and brewing ingredients.

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