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12-18 person kit: $795

Cicerone, in collaboration with AROXA™, offers this Master Off-Flavour Kit that comes with supplemental materials describing key information related to each flavour. The kit is designed for those who are studying for the Master Cicerone® exam. 

Candidates who have achieved the level of Advanced Cicerone may email info@cicerone.org for a discount on this kit.

The flavours included in this kit are:

4-Ethylphenol Damascenone Isoamyl Acetate
4-Vinylguaiacol Ethyl Acetate* Isovaleric
Acetic Ethyl Butyrate Lactic
Biscuity Ethyl Hexanoate Leathery
Butyric Geosmin Mercaptan
Caprylic Grainy Metallic
Catty H2S TCA
Chlorophenol Indole Vanilla


The Master Off-Flavour Kit contains 25* flavour spikes and easy mixing instructions. Each kit creates enough of each spiked beer to serve each participant a 2-ounce sample. (Note: you must provide the beer, cups, and other basic resources needed to do the tasting.)

*2 capsules of Ethyl Acetate are required to spike 3 bottles of beer. See spiking instructions included with product for more information. 

When you are ready for the training, simply open your web browser, go to your "my account" page, and select "Master Off-Flavour Kit" for all related documents.

When used in conjunction with the Basic Off-Flavour Kit, this kit covers the full range of off flavours tested on the Master Cicerone exam.

Note: There are no refunds or returns on this product.  Shipments are made on business days only.