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6-person: $174.00

Cicerone, in collaboration with AROXA™, offers this Advanced Off-Flavor Kit that comes with access to support materials and in-depth videos describing each flaw. The kit is designed for those who are studying for the Advanced Cicerone™ exam. Each kit contains flavor spikes for seven beer flaws that result from brewing ingredients and processes. The seven flavors are Acetic, Lactic, Metallic, Chlorophenol, Isovaleric, H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), and Mercaptan.

The Advanced Off-Flavor Kit contains seven flavor spikes and easy mixing instructions. Each kit creates enough of each spiked beer to serve each participant a 2-ounce sample. (Note: you must provide the beer, cups, and other basic resources needed to do the tasting.)

Training with this kit is easy. Purchase of each kit includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for administering tasting
  • Video overview of each off flavor
  • Printable tasting mat.
  • Further information on each flavor spike.

When you are ready for the training, simply open your web browser, go to your "my account" page, select "Advanced Off-Flavor Kit" for all related documents and videos.

The kit covers the full off-flavor knowledge required for the Advanced Cicerone exam when used in conjunction of our Basic Off-Flavor Kit.

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