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Note: This course assigns readings in The Oxford Companion to Beer. Your purchase does NOT include The Oxford Companion to Beer, but the book is available from various online retailers in print or as an eBook or a copy can be borrowed from your local library.

The online course reviews key ingredients, important brewing processes, and the origin of favors of beers ranging from Czechia’s influential pale lagers to lagers and ales indigenous to Germany. At the end of the course, take the included online practice quiz to reinforce your knowledge. When you pass the practice quiz, you’ll receive a digital badge to demonstrate you’ve mastered the essentials of German and Czech beer styles.

While this course is highly recommended for those preparing for the Certified Cicerone® exam, the lessons and discussion questions also cover content from the Advanced and Master Cicerone syllabi.

In this course you will:

  • Identify the unique ingredients and processes responsible for various flavors found in German and Czech beers.
  • Describe the history of brewing in Germany and Czechia from the 1500s onward, including when and how each of the major modern styles came into being.
  • Identify 20 styles of German and Czech lagers and ales based on a description of their flavors and vital statistics (abv, IBUs, etc.).
  • Identify glassware typically used for serving each style of beer.
  • Discriminate between similar styles of German and Czech beers based on taste.