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Certified Beer Server Overview

Great beer service starts with fundamentals: beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling. And in today’s beer world, every dialog between server and guest begins with talk of beer styles and flavors. The Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam assesses these skills to recognize those individuals who are prepared to serve today’s wide range of beers.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Cost: Initial test: $69 (USD), Retakes: $69 (USD). Exam fees are non-refundable.

Purchasing Options: US CBS ExamInternational CBS Exam, or you may also purchase BeerSavvy®, our interactive eLearning program, which includes the exam. 

Passing Score: A grade of 75% is required to pass.

Exam Details

The Certified Beer Server exam is a 60-question multiple choice exam, administered online. A grade of 75% is required to pass. Candidates must also pass a short quiz about the Cicerone program. Each payment allows two attempts to achieve a passing score. This is a closed book exam. Candidates are not allowed to refer to any notes, reference materials or accept assistance or advice from anyone else while taking the exam.

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Certified Beer Server Preparation

Certified Beer Server Syllabus

The Certified Beer Server syllabus presents an outline of the knowledge tested in the exam. Review it to guide your studies and assess your readiness for the exam.

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Other Certification Levels

Level 3
A designation of distinctive expertise and tasting skill.