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12-person: $249.00

Cicerone in collaboration with AROXA™ offers this basic off-flavor kit that comes with access to support materials and a narrated webinar. Each kit contains flavor spikes for six common beer flaws: three that result from the brewing process and three that result from handling. The six flavors are: diacetyl, DMS, acetaldehyde, lightstruck, trans-2-nonenal, and infection.

The Basic Off-Flavor Kit contains the six flavor spikes and easy mixing instructions. Each kit creates enough of each spiked beer to serve each participant a 2-ounce sample. (Note: you must provide the beer, cups, and other basic resources needed to do the tasting.)

Training with this kit is easy. Purchase of each kit includes:

  • Webinar designed to guide you through the tasting, narrated by Cicerone Founder and Director Ray Daniels
  • Step-by-step instructions for administering tasting
  • Printable tasting mat
  • Further information on each flavor spike

When you are ready for the training, simply open your web browser, go to your "my account" page, select "Basic Off-Flavor Training" to launch the course.

Note: There are no refunds or returns on this product.  Shipments are made on business days only.