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Excellent beer service starts with fundamentals: beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been spoiled by improper handling. Furthermore, in today’s beer world most interactions between server and guest begin with talk of beer styles and flavors, and how to find their perfect beer. The Cicerone® Certified Beer Server exam assesses these skills to recognize those individuals who are prepared to competently serve today’s wide range of beers.

By implementing the serving practices tested by the Cicerone Program, retailers can improve beer quality and presentation to a level that will enhance the customer experience. The knowledge gained by your servers or sales representatives communicates a clear message to customers that your organization is an authority on beer—and that paves the way to more sales and success.

The first level is Certified Beer Server. Anyone involved in handling, serving, or selling beer should take the Certified Beer Server exam. As the first step in the pursuit of higher-level Cicerone certifications, people in a wide range of positions in the beer industry take the Certified Beer Server exam, from novice servers to experienced brewery and restaurant presidents.

No one is required to purchase training from Cicerone before attempting the Certified Beer Server exam, but many companies find it to be a worthwhile investment. Various options exist for training, but three popular approaches offer different price points. The first requires independent study by employees or use of your own in-house training. The second uses BeerSavvy® Online, our turnkey online training program, and allows you to monitor each employee’s progress. The third is BeerSavvy On-site, where a Master Cicerone® will train staff at your location. All options include the Certified Beer Server exam.