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12-18 person kit: $795

Cicerone, in collaboration with AROXA™, offers this Master Off-Flavor Kit that comes with supplemental materials describing key information related to each flavor. The kit is designed for those who are studying for the Master Cicerone® exam. 

Candidates who have achieved the level of Advanced Cicerone may email info@cicerone.org for a discount on this kit.

The flavors included in this kit are:

4-Ethylphenol Damascenone Isoamyl Acetate
4-Vinylguaiacol Ethyl Acetate* Isovaleric
Acetic Ethyl Butyrate Lactic
Biscuity Ethyl Hexanoate Leathery
Butyric Geosmin Mercaptan
Caprylic Grainy Metallic
Catty H2S TCA
Chlorophenol Indole Vanilla


The Master Off-Flavor Kit contains 25* flavor spikes and easy mixing instructions. Each kit creates enough of each spiked beer to serve each participant a 2-ounce sample**. (Note: you must provide the beer, cups, and other basic resources needed to do the tasting.)

*2 capsules of Ethyl Acetate are required to spike 3 bottles of beer. See spiking instructions included with product for more information.

**This kit can serve between 12 and 18 participants, with 3 ounces of beer per participant for a group of 12 or 2 ounces of beer per participant for a group of 18.

When you are ready for the training, simply open your web browser, go to your "my account" page, and select "Master Off-Flavor Kit" for all related documents.

When used in conjunction with the Basic Off-Flavor Kit, this kit covers the full range of off flavors tested on the Master Cicerone exam.

Note: There are no refunds or returns on this product.  Shipments are made on business days only.