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Note: This course assigns readings in The Oxford Companion to Beer. Your purchase does NOT include The Oxford Companion to Beer, but the book is available from various online retailers in print or as an eBook or a copy can be borrowed from your local library.

The online course presents techniques you should use—and teach to servers—for pouring beer and using draft equipment. Both the knowledge and the techniques will help you operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your operations to ensure that customers receive high-quality beer. At the end of the course, take the included online practice quiz to reinforce your knowledge. When you pass the practice quiz, you’ll receive a digital badge to demonstrate you’ve mastered the essentials of keeping and serving beer.

While this course is highly recommended for those preparing for the Certified Cicerone® exam, the lessons and discussion questions also cover content from the Advanced and Master Cicerone syllabi.

In this course you will:

  • Describe the three-tier structure of beer distribution in the United States and identify several exceptions • Explain techniques for the effective acquisition and management of good-quality beer.
  • Demonstrate how to properly pour both draft and bottled beer of various styles.
  • Describe the setup and operation of special draft systems commonly used at beer festivals and other types of temporary draft operations.
  • Describe the dynamics of beer carbonation in a draft system, including changes that can take place as carbon dioxide (CO2) pressure is raised or lowered during dispense.
  • Analyze the behavior of a draft system based upon applied pressure, system resistance, and change in height using the concepts for a balanced draft system.
  • Identify the individual components of various draft systems and explain in detail the roles they play within a system.
  • Identify the key steps and specifications required to properly clean various types of draft systems.