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Selling with Cicerone covers three areas of instruction:

Improving Profitability through Quality Assurance: Apply your knowledge to increase sales, reduce costs, and maximize draft beer profitability.

Leveraging Beer Style Knowledge: Identify opportunities to optimize the assortment offered in different accounts, enhance beer menus, and maximize profitability.

Selling Beer with Food: Leverage your knowledge of beer flavor to identify more opportunities to sell beer with food. Discover techniques to empower on-premise staff with effective suggestive sales advice.

This mobile-friendly, self-paced online course offers a rich learning experience through activities, practical applications, and quizzes. You’ll learn how to identify growth opportunities within your accounts in just a few hours. Selling with Cicerone also includes market-specific activities that you can share with your manager for enhanced collaboration and alignment with company goals. When you pass the final quiz, you’ll receive a digital badge demonstrating you've mastered the fundamentals of Selling with Cicerone. 

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Please note: Certified Beer Server status is a prerequisite for Selling with Cicerone. The course is available for 90 days from purchase and is non-refundable and non-transferable. While Selling with Cicerone uses data specific to the United States beer market, the underlying concepts are applicable in many different regions.

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