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In the time it takes to read a magazine, this eBook explains the origins and flavors of beer, including key beer styles. Starting with the cultural origins of beer, readers will learn the basics of beer flavor and learn to describe those flavors using common words. Additionally, this eBook introduces some of the world’s most popular beer styles—like pilsner, IPA, and stout—to help readers build a foundation of knowledge.

The Cicerone Certification Program’s Introduction to Beer offers photos on nearly every page to illustrate key ingredients, beers, flavor components, and other aspects. Style listings include an example photo and a highlight of key parameters for easy reference when you are out and about. An appendix at the end of the book covers the basics of beer service such as proper storage, glass cleaning, pouring beer (both draft and bottle), and even how to change a keg. Overall, this is the perfect first book on beer for those just starting to work with beer as well as those looking to start understanding the craft beer styles now available to consumers.