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BeerSavvy® uses videos, activities, and quizzes to lead you through eight professionally-designed course modules (see demo below). Best of all, you’ll proceed at your own pace: you could do it all in a weekend. Or start with ten minutes today, a half-hour tomorrow—then take a break and continue in a week. You have a full 90 days to complete the course. You can complete the modules in any order and repeat them as many times as you like. When you’re ready, take the included Certified Beer Server exam to earn your first Cicerone certification.


  • Become a savvy beer professional
  • Master all aspects of beer service
  • Round out your style knowledge and talk beer like a brewer
  • Earn industry recognition when you pass the included exam

Key Areas of Instruction

  • Keeping and Serving Beer
  • Beer Flavour and Evaluation
  • Beer Styles and History

“We want to provide our team members with this world-class training so that Yard House can remain the altar of beer and provide an experience unlike anywhere else. It's important that when a guest walks into one of our restaurants, they receive the type of beer expertise they would expect for wine in a white-tablecloth, fine-dining establishment” - Michael Echeveste, Beverage Manager, Yard House 

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Check out a demo below!

Please note: BeerSavvy is available for 90 days from purchase but exam access never expires. Review of the Certified Beer Server syllabus is highly recommended before attempting the Certified Beer Server exam. 

BeerSavvy is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please contact info@cicerone.org with any questions about BeerSavvy or the refund policy.