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BeerSavvy® Online features videos, activities, and quizzes that guide your team-members through eight expertly designed course modules (see demo below). One key advantage to BeerSavvy Online is that it is self-guided, allowing users to learn at their own pace, bookmark their progress, and review modules. Once training is complete, the included Certified Beer Server exam is available to users who are ready to earn their certification. Managers who purchase in bulk are able to monitor team member progress through the training and their performance on the Certified Beer Server exam.


  • Cultivate a team of savvy beer professionals
  • Master the fundamentals of beer service
  • Enhance beer style knowledge and talk about beer with confidence
  • Earn recognition and an essential industry credential when team members pass the included Certified Beer Server exam
  • Turnkey, guided beer training

Key Areas of Instruction

  • Keeping and Serving Beer
  • Beer Flavor and Evaluation
  • Beer Styles and History